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Scotland 2023

Once the Ford Rangers are back from their summer holiday out in Portugal we aim to send a new team of beneficiaries up to the highlands of Scotland and drive coast to coast over some of the most remote private estates Scotland has to offer. We are granted special access to some of the most spectacular terrain the highlands. We aim to train 12 beneficiaries in First Aid at Work and LANTRA 4x4, after training is complete head up to Scotland and run a 7 day expedition.

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Sweden 2024

6th Mar 2024
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Portugal 2 2023

11th Jul 2023
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Portugal 1 2023

7th Jun 2023
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Morocco Recce 2023

20th Apr 2023
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Flooding at Vetrun180

Sweden 2023

13th Feb 2023
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Past Events


4th Dec 2022
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Sweden 2022

5th Mar 2022
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Scotland 2021

11th Sep 2021
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Scotland 2020

1st Sep 2020
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Coast to Coast UK 2020

31st Aug 2020
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Op Jogle-John O’Groats to Lands End

10th Aug 2020
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Sweden 2020

29th Feb 2020
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Galicia 2019

3rd May 2019
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Coast to Coast UK 2019

7th Sep 2019
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