Below is a selection of testimonials from veterans that have attended previous expeditions with VetRun180.  It is always great for us to hear the positive impact our expeditions make to the injured veterans.

Took me a little while to calm down and reflect on the trip , still processing the magnitude of information from the experience, certainly has been the most fun , emotional and overwhelming journey experience of my life , spiritually and mentally both on a superficial and on a deeper level that as time goes by the finer details are emerging from the effort that was made by , Ross , mack , Ben , Thomas and the rest of the men and women involved.

I'm finding it hard to put it into words the gratitude I'm feeling right now but I just want you all to know how much this has meant to me and the positive effects it had already had in my outlook towards my attitude and life in general , iv had problems with a lot of things mh , alcohol , anger etc you know the score but I feel purged from it all and happy that the "180" has been for me very effective.

Thank you to the charity for changing lives not only the direct participants but the wider effected also friends family etc

I love you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Drew - VetRun180 - Beneficiary

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

Drew - VetRun180 - Beneficiary - Sweden 02/23

Sweden has been such an emotional week for me, being back with the lads that understand me and how and why I feel the way I do.

I'm lucky to be here now and needed this get away with VetRun180. This trip away has reset my thoughts and perspective on life, l've made new friends which I look forward to doing more with in the future, it's given me a new purpose in life have set new goals and have new plans to get on with.

I would like to thank the team in Sweden for taking us around the northern part of their beautiful country. I want to thank the vetrun180 team for allowing me to experience this journey and the lads on the ground know how much this has meant and done for me.

Benny - VetRun180 - Beneficiary

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

Benny - VetRun180 - Beneficiary - Sweden 02/23

I had such an amazing time taking part in VetRun180's Sweden trip 2023. I can't thank the team enough for all their hard work organising a trip of a lifetime for injured veterans.

It was so nice to back around people with similar stories and experiences people who instantly become like family and that is something only the military can provide a bond like no other I feel rejuvenated and ready for the next step at what ever life brings.

Danny - VetRun180 - Beneficiary

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

Danny - VetRun180 - Beneficiary - Sweden 02/23

I attended the 22nd-27th Feb exped. When I first arrived at the airport and met everyone it was relaxed and we all clicked. Everything was well planned and stress free, even when we arrived at Sweden.

Every day was different and had its own challenge, I personally enjoyed sleeping in the igloo and will never forget that. Each day the TLs gave us daily and evening briefs and were all over the welfare of the blokes. They constantly made sure we felt ok physically and mentally, they were always available if I had a wobble, needed some reassurance or a hug.

I highly rate this trip and would happily do this again and recommend Vetrun to anyone who needs help. I honestly feel this has helped me clear my head and realise that I am not alone.

Thank you everyone!

Kenny - VetRun180 - Beneficiary

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you!

Kenny - VetRun180 - Beneficiary - Sweden 02/23
Tom - VetRun180 - Beneficiary - Sweden 02/23

I was made aware of Vetrun while undergoing rehabilitation for my injury/illness by one of the rehab team. After speaking to the Vetrun team I got confirmed I’d be on the next trip.

I was lucky to spend 2 days conducting my off-road driving/first aid course at the Land Rover off-road course followed by some immense off road driving through some of the best countryside in the UK (Whitby to Lake District)
I didn’t realise how much I needed the break, sense of adventure and the laugh with the lads and lasses on the trip.

I returned to Rehabilitation with a more positive and upbeat frame of mind.

A big thanks to the Vetrun team members and all the people that make this happen that work behind the scenes. A great charity that certainly has a big impact on the people it aims to help.

Bobby - VetRun180 - Beneficiary


When I first told a work colleague that I was thinking about applying for the VetRun Sweden expedition, I was extremely apprehensive to go as I had just started a new job and was settling into a new routine. However, they were able to convince me to apply and I am so glad that I did.

The VetRun Sweden expedition challenged me to overcome my self doubt. It was through the immense challenges that we faced each day that allowed me to see what I am capable of achieving. At the end of each day, due to the ground we covered and the physical and mental obstacles we all faced, I felt an enormous sense of achievement. When we parked up for the last time for our final group photo, I was filled with mixed emotions as the trip had come to an end.

The Sweden trip has reinvigorated my self worth and improved my confidence through the challenges we faced as a team to reach the finish line. This trip superseded all of my expectations. I urge anyone to give these expeditions a go. It really does work.

I will forever be thankful for the hard work of the Team Leaders Ross and Joe, our guide Thomas and equally the other beneficiaries on the trip. Their endless support, banter and morale filled dits helped me get to the end of this once in a lifetime experience.

Matt - VetRun180 - Beneficiary


When I was MD from the Royal Marines I felt lost and isolated. Part of me which gave me purpose, the drive to challenge and put myself outside my comfort zone which fuelled my passion for adventure, everything that was instilled within me through training, and the time that I had served was gone.

I am really blessed with amazing pals, a phenomenal wife and family. But you can be amongst all these people you love and love you but still feel lost.
I first heard of Vetrun180 through a friend, he conducted the coast to coast UK, he said it was a life changing, and whenever he talked about it is eyes lit up, he gave me a link for VR180 whom I, with trepidation, but with eagerness, contacted.

l was invited to go on the Sweden trip. I knew it would be a unbelievable experience but yet I was still anxious.

The trip to Sweden was amazing, crossing hundreds of kilometres through the snow-covered wilderness of the Boreal Forest with the chance of spotting wildlife, pristine snow fields, climbing mountains to reach amazing viewpoints and appreciate the Artic silence. Sheer exhilarating days, which prepared you for the hearty meals over fires with unbelievable people whom you just met, where we worked as a team, shared stories, listened to each other and had banter on another level.

A massive thank you to the team on the ground which led and looked after us. Joe, Ross, Thomas and Jonny, your passion & energy are unparalleled, generously sharing your time, caring so deeply about the lads & Vetrun180, stepping up regardless of the personal cost and giving a helping hand when needed.

More importantly I would to express my gratitude to Vetrun180, it’s trustees & all of the people that help behind the scenes for the immeasurably valuable work you do for Veterans which gave me the amazing opportunity to go on the expedition and push myself physically and mentally and putting a smile on my face again.

Phil - VetRun180 - Beneficiary


The application process was straight forward with personal interaction from a team leader from the very beginning.

During the second video call of the application process I was offered a place on the Sweden Expedition and from that moment, I had this amazing opportunity to look forward to. That alone, was enough to change my outlook on problems which were previously feeling too substantial and weighing me down.

I can honestly say that VetRun180 has changed my life. I’ve returned to my normal self and dug myself out of the hole I previously felt I was in.
There is comfort in knowing there is a charity out there who offer what VetRun do. This, along with now having met like-minded ex military personnel who have a mixture of their own personal issues.
Meeting, getting to know, and becoming friends with these guys and understanding their problems they’re dealing with, somehow helps in more ways than can be explained.
My VetRun experience began the moment I was offered a place on the expedition and I can’t thank everyone involved in the charity enough.

The Sweden expedition itself was one of the best weeks of my life. The trip was planned and executed to perfection.
As mentioned many times on the expedition, it truly is a ‘bucket list’ trip and one very few would ever be fortunate to experience.

I can’t imagine anyone not benefiting in some way from a VetRun180 expedition. At no point within the trip was any stress or overwhelming responsibilities forced upon the beneficiaries. This is a result of excellent prior organisation and on-the-ground leading from the TL’s, therefore I would recommend VetRun180 to anyone.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the successful running of VetRun180, and know, that the charity truly is achieving what its set out to do.
Many thanks for this experience of a life time.

Scott - VetRun180 - Beneficiary


I served in the Royal Marines from 1977-1999 since leaving all those years ago, I have slowly been struggling with my mental health.

This came to a head in 2022 when I was diagnosed with complex PTSD and anxiety.

A friend who had been on an expedition with Vetrun180 told be how it had helped him, so I applied not thinking they would pick an old ex bootneck. But they did, so off we set for a weeks snowmobiling in Sweden up in the arctic circle.
I have to say the whole expedition has for me been life changing, I can’t lie I found it both physically and mentally challenging, But that’s just what I needed.
But working back in a team environment with everyone watching each other’s backs has been great. It was also great just to talk and listen to people’s stories and issues, without being judged.

I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I feel more positive and less apprehensive about life and ready to start living again.
A massive heart felt thank you to Ross, Joe, Jonny, Phil, Andy, Scott, Matt, Sam and not for getting Thomas.

I will be eternally grateful.

Karl - VetRun180 - Beneficiary