In 2011 I was injured whilst on deployment in Afghanistan resulting in the loss of both legs, 3 fingers and severe internal injuries. After a few years of military rehab, I was medically discharged.

Being discharged from the Army was tough as it was all I ever wanted from a young age and to have it cut short was a devastating blow, but I was still alive!
After a couple of years learning to adapt to my injuries and the use of prothetic legs I soon started to thrive for adventure again and my passion for being outdoors started to kick in.
I was introduced to VetRun180 by one of my friends who asked if I would be interested in getting involved and join them on a trip over the Scottish Highlands in one of their adaptive Landrovers. I jumped at the opportunity to be around the lads again! It was one epic trip with lots of banter and learning.
A few months went past and I was asked if I would like to try out for a team leader role, taking a bunch of lads over the Arctic Circle in Sweden. It took all of a couple of seconds to agree and give it a go. What an experience that was! The lads were great and it was amazing to see 6 new lads with mental health issues, transform into their old selves from the experience they were getting from the VetRun expedition.
I’ve been given some really good qualifications, such as advance off road driving qualifications, first aid qualifications and recently my snowmobile license.
It’s great to be a part of a team helping veterans learn and develop and to make civilian transition easier! If you are eligible I highly recommend filling in the application forms and getting involved with the team.