After 19 years service I was medically discharged in July 2015.    

My world came crashing down around me.  I tried various jobs but being honest, 

I struggled to adapt to civilian life, I was used to a world where the job got done when it needed to be and I trusted the blokes around me with my life and I didn’t get that same feeling in the jobs I did.  

After some complications with surgery I was advised to call it a day and retire.   

I hooked up with some other Veteran groups, Go-Karting and Motorsport but they were not for me. 

I saw an article in my local paper about VETRUN180 and thought that it sounded right up my street so I gave Matt a ring. 

I rocked up on day 1 of the Galicia expedition and honestly, it was like being back with my old Troop.  

The banter was there, the team work, the rush of pushing the vehicles to their limits over some testing terrain but most of all there is always someone there to have a brew and a chat with when and if you need it. 

We don’t like to admit it because of our proud military background but we all need someone who we can relate to and VetRun has that in spades. 

All I can say is get the application paperwork filled out and come and see for yourself, trust me, you won’t regret it. 

I was also part of the recce team for the first coast to coast which led on to the actual trip not long after.  

I was then asked if I fancied becoming a Team Leader for a trip coming up towards the end of the summer in Scotland and it took all of .1 of a second to jump at the chance and I can now start to help other veterans experience what I have been lucky enough to. 

I have completed 4 qualifications with VetRun, my Lantra off road driving , First Aid at Work, Mental Health First Aid and my First Responser Emergency Care course.  

VetRun has given me something that I can’t really put in to words.  My smile is back and I know that others who have been on trips feel the same.