My 11 year career in the Royal Engineers was involuntarily cut short due to a spinal injury that led to a Medical Discharge.

Some of my best years and proudest moments were during my time served which paradoxically led to a difficult transition to civilian life.

I spent a number of years on strong medication to deal with chronic pain. Dealing with a huge change of direction in life led me down a path of severe negative thoughts. Due to my career ending and the side effects of the medication, I soon felt I’d lost my identity and purpose in life.

I’m now a self employed property developer and fortunate enough to be able to say I have found a new passion, however, prior to finding VetRun180 there were still large voids in my life which I struggled to fill.

Now being part of the VetRun team many of these voids have been fulfilled. I am particularly dedicated to supporting fellow veterans who may be dealing with physical, emotional or social challenges after their service.

The team of VetRun aim to inspire and create positive change for those facing adversity in the civilian world and I’m both grateful and proud to be a part of that team.